Anna Hollo

Juliette Garcia

Staff Reporter

In order to adjust to the switch to distance learning, sophomore Anna Hollo created her own ideal work space for her long days of online school. 

“I moved my school work to my den near my living room to have a more comfortable workspace while also being functional,” she explained.  

Hollo said that she created this space to be separate from her family so that she can work in a quiet space.  

“Having this workspace downstairs instead of upstairs near my family…has been very secluding and helpful for my focus,” she said. 

Hollo’s workspace is a built-in desk with all her materials, she explained. She said she stores her textbooks along the back of the desk and has outlets available to charge her electronics like her computer and calculator. 

“Having my own space for work helped me because I could have my materials organized and in one place,” Hollo explained.

Hollo said that this workspace has always been practical and comfortable, so shifting there for online school was the best decision. She added that moving her work space has made a difference in her motivation and productivity during online school. 

“I have definitely been more productive at my current workspace than I was when I would just lay in bed,” she said.