Ryder Robins

Gabrielle Cabanes 

Staff Reporter 

With an interesting start to the school year, junior Ryder Robins thought it was time to create a productive and personalized space for distance learning. 

Robins explained that the work space he created for school has made him calmer and more focused on his classes.

In order to personalize his space, he decided to add souvenirs and photographs to suggest happy memories. 

“I like looking at the pictures on the wall because it reminds me of better times without coronavirus,” he added. 

Robins said his number one suggestion in order to have an enjoyable space is being close to a window in order to enjoy nature while working. 

“Being next to a window has helped me focus better and work productively, so I definitely recommend it,” he added.

His biggest struggle going into the school year was staying focused and resisting the urge to check his phone during class, he said, so he decided to put his phone in another room during class. 

“I am now able to focus on my work without getting distracted by my social media notifications,” Robins said.