Tovah Blumenfeld

Gabrielle Cabanes 

Staff Reporter

While online school has come with its many challenges, junior Tovah Blumenfeld is excited about the space she has created for herself during distance learning. 

Because this year has been hard due to COVID-19, Blumenfeld feels that having a good space to work is crucial.

She explained that she worked in her bed at the end of last year, but now she has migrated to her older sister’s room since she is at college. 

“Having a different room to do schoolwork helps separate the laid back feeling of being at home with the studious feeling of being at school,” Blumenfeld added.

Furthermore, she said that being able to work in her sister’s room has made her feel closer to her while she is away.

 Since her sister had photographs up on the wall, she can look at them whenever she wants to be reminded of her, she added. 

“Seeing my sister’s pictures reminds me of all our memories, and they are something I like to look up at when I’m working,” Blumenfeld said. 

In order to personalize her space, she said she took down her sister’s books and put in her own.

Blumenfeld added that she feels she is more efficient in this space because she can focus on her work and is not tempted to lie down. 

“Working at an actual workspace helps me stay focused on school and be interested in what I’m learning,” she said.