Best of 2020: Dominic Gutter

Sophomore Dominic Gutter has always loved the sport of basketball, and last year he was able to earn a spot on the varsity boys basketball team as just a freshman. Gutter said he was able to accomplish this goal through hard work and passion..

“Basketball is something I have always spent a lot of my time in and worked so hard to get better at,” Gutter said.

He explained that accomplishing his goal came with lots of self-doubt and adversity, but this made him work harder every day.

“There were nights where I’d doubt myself, nights where I was too tired to get up in the morning to work out,” Gutter explained. “But what made me realize I could achieve this goal is when I started to overcome those thoughts and just push my body to the limits.”

Gutter said he is aware that he was given the unique opportunity to play basketball for a high school varsity team as a freshman, which makes him even more proud of what he has accomplished.

“I know not many people get the opportunity, so I thought by outworking everyone, else I could achieve a spot on the varsity team,” Gutter said. “Being awarded that opportunity definitely made me feel like my work has somewhat paid off.”

Nick Eddy
Nicholas Eddy is a staff reporter for The Torch. He is a junior at Bexley High School, and this is his first year as a part of the Torch staff. Outside of Torch, he is involved in boys soccer and boys track and field for the high school.