Best of 2020: Kate Baldwin

In 2019, sophomore Kate Baldwin impressed the coaches and her fellow teammates by being a standout among the freshmen on the girls soccer team. However, this past year, she took the field in a new position as the JV captain, which became her personal achievement of 2020.

Baldwin stepped up for the position because she wanted to be a leader on the team and helpful toward others on the field.

“My main goal in being a captain was not to make myself seem higher than others, but to lead by example,” she said.

Regardless of COVID-19 making the season more difficult, it was instrumental in the development of many players, especially Baldwin, who is now on her way to landing a spot on the varsity team next season, she explained.

Baldwin said her determination and integrity in the captain’s position was most impactful, especially as a role model for the team that was made up of many younger girls.

“One of the reasons I became captain was because I was kind and inclusive towards the incoming freshmen before I gave my speech,” she added.

She explained that it was not only a great experience, but one that made her proud to get out of her comfort zone.

“Soccer is a very important part of my life, and being captain helped me to grow as a person,” Baldwin said.

Ava Joseph
Ava Joseph is a senior at Bexley High School and an opinion editor for the Torch. Outside of Torch, she plays for the school soccer team and is involved in Environmental Club and Key Club.