Best of 2020: Keary Ryan

2020 was a year unlike any other, and while many found it bleak and unproductive, math teacher Keary Ryan had his share of positive moments during the crazy year.

Ryan has two main personal bests from 2020, one from his professional work life and the other from his personal life. Since Ryan teaches math, it’s no surprise that he measured both of his achievements in numbers.

In his professional work, Ryan had his biggest achievement in his AP Calculus BC class.

“Last year, I had more students than ever before pass the Calc BC test,” Ryan said. “We had 29 students pass, which is an incredible number for such a difficult class.”

While Ryan was very happy with this accomplishment, he acknowledged that it was really an accomplishment of the whole math department. His students’ success in Calc BC was not just because of him, but also because of the background knowledge his students had gained through other classes, he explained.

Ryan’s second personal best of 2020 was about his personal health and fitness journey throughout the year.

“I tried to walk and run more throughout this year, and I track my workouts using my AppleWatch,” Ryan said. “The device tracks how far I go, and this past year, I traveled over 780 miles during those walks and runs.”

Ryan said he was very proud of these because they not only showed his achievements but also showed that he was able to get through 2020 with a few accomplishments along the way.

“This year was crazy, but I’m glad that I got some things done and have something to show for it,” Ryan said.

Margaret Zirwas
Margaret Zirwas is a staff reporter for The Torch. She is a junior at Bexley High School, and this is her first year as a member of the staff. Outside of Torch, she cheers for Bexley.