Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

Cassie Thomas, played by best actress nominee Carey Mulligan, arriving at a bachelor party. (Fair use from imbd)

Despite the challenges presented in 2020, several outstanding films were cast and deserve recognition in the 2021 Oscars. Viola Davis, Andra Day, Vanessa Kirby, Frances McDormand and Carey Mulligan were all nominated for Best Actress this year. However, there is one clear actress that deserves to win this promising award: Carey Mulligan.

Carey Mulligan deserves to win Best Actress because her performance in “Promising Young Woman” was impeccable.

The film is about a woman in her 30s named Cassie Thomas who acts as if she is intoxicated to catch men who sexually assault and rape women. Since she lost her best friend, who was raped in college, Thomas murders sexual predators to avenge her friend.

This film is so powerful. Throughout the movie, Mulligan creates a character that is strong and prideful, while also making it relatable to viewers. There is not a scene in the movie where Mulligan fails to execute her role perfectly. Every scene is filled with emotion and passion.

Mulligan made it seem as though this wasn’t just a fictional character she was playing, but a real person. Mulligan played the role above and beyond due to her ability to capture a large variety of emotions and her passion throughout each scene of the film.

Overall, Mulligan’s performance was stellar. This film is very timely and reminds the audience of how sexual harassment and rape are real issues, and Mulligan completes the film with her impeccable performance.

Nick Eddy
Nick Eddy is a senior at Bexley High School and backpage editor of The Torch. Outside of Torch, he is the captain of the soccer team, runs track, and loves to do graphic design.