Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

Jacob (Steven Yeun) and his son David (Alan S. Kim) looking out to their farm. (Fair use from Sundance Institute)

After an anticipated wait, the Oscars are back this year to award outstanding movies and their productions. All of the nominations for Best Picture are outstanding films, but in my opinion, “Minari” deserves to win.

This movie is a beautiful testimony to family and planting your roots. A Korean- American family moves to a farm in Arkansas and has to build themselves from the ground up. The movie shows the true resilience of the Yi family to leave their lives behind in California and move to Arkansas.

The film shows the family preserving through many challenges while trying to start their own farming business. The family has never tended to crops before, and they struggle at first. The father tries to dig a well to be frugal, and it ends up running dry, so they have to pay money for water. The many challenges that are presented to the family keep the plot compelling and keep the audience interested in a way that other nominations are not able to.

The addition of family comedy, thanks to the grandmother, lightens the load of the heavy topics in the film. The grandmother helps show the generational difference between the kids’ actions and hers, and viewers of this film see her change to assimilate to American culture and make decisions to leave some of their heritage behind. Not only does the film convey its messages about immigrants adjusting to American culture, but it balances out the heavy messages with quality comedy.

The family pulls together even through the challenges they face. One of the most moving scenes is when the barn accidentally catches on fire. At first, they try to save the barn and the crops, but they realize the most important thing they need to protect.

Chung tells this beautiful story, adding in some of his own Korean-American tales of growing up in America and trying to live out the American dream.

Rosa Ferdelman
Rosa Ferdelman is a senior at Bexley High School and a backpage editor for The Torch. Apart from Torch, she is a member of Student Council, Key Club, and Environmental Club, and she is on the softball team.