Post-vaccination plans–Drew Solar

With vaccinations becoming available to everyone, travel is returning and sophomore Drew Solar is excited for it.

Solar explained that his favorite vacation spot is Anna Maria Island in Florida, and he is ready to be able to enjoy this trip like he has in the past. “I am looking forward to a vacation without COVID protocols and where everything is open to the public,” Solar said.

He said that his family has gone on this trip during spring break for 10 years. Solar added that they were able to make the annual trip again this past spring break, but everything was different with mask mandates and certain places being closed.

“We usually get to go to Busch Gardens, which is an amusement park, but we couldn’t this year, and I am excited to do that again,” Solar said.

He said that along with this amusement park, some of his favorite restaurants were closed. He explained that many of the normal activities he looked forward to, like a day on a boat, were unable to happen this year but can hopefully happen soon once he is immune.

Solar explained that he received the first vaccine during the clinic held by the school on Tuesday, April 13, and received the second shot on Tuesday, May 4.

He said he is excited to travel with his family again, and expects to see protocols becoming looser as the vaccines become more available. “Traveling is one of my favorite things, and I am ready for it to be more enjoyable again.”

Mia Diffley
Mitchell Giller is a junior at Bexley High School and is a staff reporter on The Torch. Outside of Torch, he plays tennis for the high school.