Post-vaccination plans–Whitney Fahs

COVID-19 has kept some families apart for safety, but with vaccines becoming available, many people are excited to see those they care about again.

Freshman Whitney Fahs said she is very eager to see her 80-year-old grandma, who she was used to seeing very frequently before the pandemic.

“My siblings and I used to go once a month and every holiday, but COVID-19 has made it very hard to go visit her,” Fahs said.

Fahs explained that visiting recently has been especially difficult because she and her siblings were all in sports, which put them at more risk for exposure and spreading it to her.

“It has been more than a year since my whole family and I could be around her,” she said.

Fahs added that her grandma’s husband passed away recently, so she got a dog to keep her company.

“My family and I are very excited to go meet it,” she said.

Fahs noted that she has not been able to get vaccinated because she is not 16 yet, but she and her family all plan on getting the vaccine. Along with the vaccine, her family is taking every precaution, such as wearing masks and social distancing to keep her grandma safe.

“I’m very excited for when COVID-19 gets better and I am vaccinated so I can go visit her without any restrictions,” Fahs said.

Mia Diffley
Mitchell Giller is a junior at Bexley High School and is a staff reporter on The Torch. Outside of Torch, he plays tennis for the high school.