Post-vaccination plans–Caroline Collier

Now that there is now access to vaccines to help protect everyone from COVID-19, junior Caroline Collier is taking advantage of the vaccine, which will allow her to finally attend concerts again.

Collier said she really enjoys concerts, but because of the pandemic, the last concert she attended was Travis Scott’s “AstroWorld” two years ago.

“It feels like forever since I went to a concert,” Collier said.

Collier explained that she is excited knowing that the music festival Breakaway is something to look forward to soon.

“It’s going to be weird going to a concert with masks, but I am excited to be able to experience it again,” she added.

Collier explained that while concerts usually consist of a large, compact group of people, she will be taking precautions to remain safe.

“My only concern is that I won’t know who around me will be vaccinated,” Collier said. “That’s why wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance will be important.”

With Breakaway in September, she added that going to her first concert in a while will be not only exciting, but a relief as well.

Nick Eddy
Nicholas Eddy is a staff reporter for The Torch. He is a junior at Bexley High School, and this is his first year as a part of the Torch staff. Outside of Torch, he is involved in boys soccer and boys track and field for the high school.