Meet your new freshman class officers

Freshmen Emily Ball and Contessa Lombardi. (Photo by Leah Baumann)

Freshmen Contessa Lombardi and Emily Ball

Q: Introduce yourselves.

A: Lombardi: “I’m president of the freshman class. I am a competitive dancer at Pinnell Dance Centre and JV football cheer- leader. I am also a part of Global Scholars, Bexley Women Lead and Student Council.”

Ball: “I’m vice-president of the freshman class. I play volleyball year-round for the high school and for Greater Columbus Volleyball Club. I am involved in Bexley Women Lead and Student Council.”

Q: Why did you choose to run for class officer?

A: Lombardi: “We chose to run because we thought that we would represent the student body of the freshman class the best, and we are both great leaders.”

Q: What is something you hope to change/accomplish for the school?

A: Ball: “We are planning to make sure everyone feels included and has a good start to their freshman year.”

Q: How do you plan on doing this?

A: Ball: “Being there for anyone who might have any questions, because we will most likely know what’s going on, so if anybody needs help, we will be there.”

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Leah Baumann
Leah Baumann is a senior at Bexley High School and a sports editor of the Torch student newspaper. Outside of school she plays tennis for the high school and is involved in Environmental Club and MFactor.