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Gridlock on the block: students struggle to find parking

In Bexley, driving anywhere is within a five minute radius—except for finding a parking spot around the high school. It is a common occurrence to see students driving in loops around the school, frantically searching for any available spot minutes before they’re due for a tardy slip. While waking up early for school is hard […]


ROC disgraces professional sports, should not partake in international events

Russia, a country that has become synonymous with controversy, is notorious in the sports world for cheating and corruption. Although Russia’s name and flag are prohibited at the Olympics due to continuous cheating incidents, Russian athletes who are not connected to doping scandals are able to compete in international competitions under the alias of the […]


Students promote secondhand shopping in Environmental Club clothing exchange

The Environmental Club hosted a clothing exchange throughout the school day Thursday, Feb. 24 and Friday, Feb. 25 in the Dargusch Black Box Theater. Science teacher and Environmental Club adviser Scott Logsdon said this is the project the Environmental Club decided to do for the Columbus Zoo’s annual Teen Eco Summit event. The Teen Eco […]


Music festivals worth attending despite safety risks

Vibrant, colorful light radiating from the stage, thousands of euphoric people in the same place, an opportunity to see your favorite artists live in the span of a few days: the ecstatic feeling of going to a music festival is unmatched. While any type of large event has its safety concerns, experiencing an alternate culture […]


Teachers recall their time in class, on the field as Bexley students

Every day, math teacher Keary Ryan walks down the third floor hallway to teach his classes, the same hallway he walked down as a student 31 years ago. When engaging in conversations with students in the Bexley Anti-Racism Project, social studies teacher Anna Schottenstein reminisces about her passion for volunteering as a Bexley student. As […]