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Mitchell Giller is a junior at Bexley High School, and a staff reporter on the Torch.


Road to the rose

Senior Max Hartman Hartman’s prediction before the finale: A: I thought Genevieve was going to win, but I’m not sure if anyone is going to win. Q: What has your favorite part of the season been? A: My favorite part has been Clayton making bad mistakes recently. It’s been very entertaining. Q: Did you like […]


‘Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ offers engaging plotline despite poor graphics

“Pokémon Legends: Arceus” is an open-world game that provides its players with exciting adventure, despite occasionally falling short in its animations and visuals. The game begins with a character falling through space-time, drifting as the player gets closer to a hole beneath them. As one enters the hole, they emerge in the vast lands of […]


Lack of Twitter reveals different news sources

When Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, I didn’t understand why he was so upset about having to leave the platform. However, after not using Twitter for a week, I have begun to understand why he was so angry. Before I took on this challenge of not using Twitter, I always woke up and checked […]


Students show their skills as most elite athletes of the month

Grace Heilman Senior Grace Heilman put on a show with a record-breaking performance in the girls soccer game against Wellington on Sept. 13. Heilman broke the record for points in a game by recording a total of nine points. In soccer, when a player scores a goal, they are awarded two points, and for each […]