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Elliot Goldman is a senior at Bexley High School and a feature editor for The Torch. He is also a Student Council Executive and captain of the varsity lacrosse team.


Bexley families blend aspects of various cultures

Elliot Goldman Staff Reporter The final bell of the school day rings at 3:25, and senior Coco Gonzalez leaves class and walks to exit school with her friends, after having a typical American school day. She then gets home, where she begins to speak Spanish and experiences an entirely different culture.   Bexley has many students […]


District to return to all-in school after spring break

Interim superintendent Dan Good’s resolution to return students back to school full time after spring break was approved by the Board of Education Friday, Feb. 21.   The meeting was led by Good and infectious diseases epidemiologist Abby Norris Turner, who is one of several epidemiologists and pediatricians on the Covid taskforce that worked with Good […]


Alternative education options enrich students’ learning

It’s 12:50. You have two minutes before lunch is over, and you have to be back in the classroom watching lectures, taking notes and trying not to fall behind. It’s tedious, but mastering memorization and study habits are the only option to be a successful student, right?  Not necessarily. Students who are interested in alternative […]


Freshmen undergo difficult transition into high school

The hours leading up to your first day of high school can be scary but electrifying in any year. Now, imagine after years of anticipation being told that your first year of high school would be online for the first month of the school year.  This year’s freshman class experienced a high school introduction like […]


Shapiro hosts meeting to promote foreign exchange program

Coordinator of experiential learning Steve Shapiro hosted a meeting for families interested in foreign exchange programs on Thursday, Oct. 15 via Zoom.  The meeting was introductory, featuring Bexley alumna Caroline Shapiro, senior Gavin Levine and other students across Columbus who have participated in exchange programs. Over 80 people showed up with questions about foreign exchange, […]


Students, staff return to building under hybrid plan

The Bexley hybrid learning plan, which involves students coming to school for in-person learning twice a week and remaining home for distance learning for the remaining three, was implemented Monday, Sept. 21. Students with last names beginning with A-La attend school in-person Mondays and Tuesdays, and students with last names starting with Le-Z attend in-person […]