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Quinn is a junior at Bexley High School and a staff reporter for The Torch. Outside of the newspaper, he is a part of the Theater department, marching band, and the Jewish Student Union.


Administration’s response to antisemitism sets excellent example

I had the absolute privilege to attend a two-day conference for Jewish Student Union presidents in New Jersey, discussing how to be leaders in our communities and why our strength is needed now more than ever. After seeing what other JSUs around the U.S. are struggling with, I’m deeply grateful for how Bexley has responded.  […]


Parents navigate healthy limits on technology use

Before COVID-19, teachers tried their hardest to limit personal devices in the classroom. Phones were to be tucked away, computers off and smartwatches muted. Then the world came crashing down, and teachers had to learn to adapt to a new way to teach. Suddenly, computers and phones were tools to be utilized.  Now, in the […]