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Asher Nathan is a Junior at Bexley High School and a staff reporter for the Torch student newspaper. Outside of the Torch, he plays football and participates in track and field for the school.


Despite its suspense and scares, “Smile” fails to captivate audience

Parker Finn’s “Smile” is not for the weak-stomached. From the intense opening shots, this film has you wanting to look away every scene. With suspense and jump scares around every corner, it seems that “Smile” would be a hit. Still, it doesn’t do enough to keep the audience invested throughout, causing it to be another […]


Fantasy football experts return for another season

The sport of football has been beloved by fans for generations. The intensity, culture and other aspects of the game combine to create a fast-paced entertainment for sports fans of all ages. But for fans looking for more ways to enjoy their favorite sport, fantasy football has provided an outlet that allows these fans to […]