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Sammie Ross is an Opinion Editor for The Torch. She spends her time in the theater in the cast and on crew, and is a member of Vocal Ensemble.


School-issued Chromebooks play role in students’ homes

Any given family is bound to have a diverse array of personalities. While one child comes home from lacrosse practice, the other is leaving for their play rehearsal. One backpack is filled with protein bars, and the other is occupied by scripts. A look inside of each child’s backpack is different, yet one thing remains […]


Halted affordable housing efforts prompt lawsuit

Plans to move forward with affordable housing in Bexley have stalled due to recent appeals prompting the discussion of housing accessibility within Bexley. According to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, the approval by the Bexley Board of Zoning and Planning (BZAP) for affordable housing developments has recently been reversed by Franklin Court of […]


Female nudity in Renaissance paintings: liberation or sexualization?

The Renaissance: a period of artistic rebirth in Europe that prompted extreme reformation of former artistic techniques. Female subjects in particular experienced this reformation, as they were often portrayed nude in paintings. This is a result of the absence of women from the art sphere during the Renaissance. Therefore, there was a lack of female […]


“Carrie Soto is Back” reinforces Jenkins Reid’s talented storytelling

In recent years, Taylor Jenkins Reid has been at the top of numerous bestseller lists and on the radar of readers of all genres. Her newest release, “Carrie Soto is Back,” has proven that the future is still bright for her as a novelist. Carrie Soto, the protagonist, is a highly acclaimed female tennis player […]