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Jonah Young is a Junior at Bexley High School and a staff reporter for the Torch student newspaper. In his free time, Jonah plays tennis and participates in school clubs.


New girls lacrosse coach hopes to bring energy, intensity

The girls lacrosse team welcomes assistant coach and Bexley alumni Kate Bridge as the head coach for the 2023 season, which will kick off this March. Bridge said she played lacrosse at the high school for four years. She explained that she then went on to play for The Ohio State University’s club lacrosse team. […]


The art of music: symphony No. 614

From performing melodies in Spain to marching at football games, the high school’s music program provides a great opportunity for students to showcase and improve their talents. Freshman Ashton Pliskin said he joined the band program in fifth grade. It was an option given to all fifth graders that seemed enticing, he said. As a […]


Students, coaches find a newfound joy trading sports cards

Some may collect shoes, coins or even sea shells, but for some members of the high school the big money is in sports memorabilia. Trading and collecting valuable sports memorabilia is a fad that reached Bexley this past spring. Sophomore Max Almasanu said that he began trading and collecting sports cards as a way to […]