‘Emily in Paris’ offers fresh look at the city of romance

Emily (Lily Collins) goes out to lunch with a few of her coworkers, one of which she is trying to flirt with. (Fair use from IndieWire)

The new Netflix original series “Emily in Paris” is a light, feel-good show that viewers of all ages can enjoy, and the episodes are short and easy to watch whenever you have a bit of time to sit back and relax. 

The show’s protagonist, Emily Cooper, played by acclaimed actress Lily Collins, has her life turned upside down when she is offered a job in Paris working as a social media coordinator for luxury brands and businesses. Her inability to speak French and lack of knowledge of Parisian culture earns her a bad first impression with her coworkers, especially her boss. However, she is able to win them over as she proves herself to be a useful asset for the company.

Even though I had a mostly positive reaction to Emily herself, I found her character to be irritating at times and did not agree with many of the decisions she made regarding her love life and her career. As the show progressed and she gained more confidence in the new city, Emily earned my respect for overcoming many obstacles to end the season with success in her personal and professional life.

The show portrays the French as rude, judgmental and standoffish, many times in a very stereotypical way, like when all of her coworkers dismiss her as soon as she walks in the door simply because she can’t speak the language.  Their unwelcoming attitudes toward Emily was enertaining initially, but it became too repetitive for my enjoyment. 

On the other hand, the show does an excellent job of portraying the city to be as magical and elegant as many dream it to be. Especially during this year, when world travel has not been an option, seeing the beautiful city of Paris makes the show much more dazzling.

While the show focuses on Emily’s struggles at work, her love life in Paris is the main point of drama. Because of Emily’s boyfriend’s unwillingness to join her in Paris, Emily breaks up with him very early in the show, allowing her to fully experience romance in the city. She has encounters with several attractive men in her short time there. However, the storyline focuses on one man, Gabriel, whom she had been eyeing since the first episode. Even though I could predict the ending from a mile away, and it seemed a bit too perfect, the writers were successful at creating a relatively original love story.

The inclusion of modern music, some of which was trending on TikTok, and several modern references brought a new and relatable feel to the show. Another valuable touch was the on-screen overlay of Emily’s social media, giving the audience a creative look into her daily posts and thought processes.

Although the show was at times cliché and boring, it surpassed my expectations, as I originally thought it wouldn’t be complex enough for me to appreciate. I honestly enjoyed watching it, and I will definitely tune in for the next season.