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Distance, devotion and doubt: life at long distance

Out of the five recognized love languages, quality time is often regarded as one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Spending time with each other, whether it be going on walks or getting dinner, can help strengthen new relationships and keep old ones exciting. But what happens when a person’s significant other lives […]


Age is just a number: relationships with a difference in grade

Some relationships have differences in height, some in hobbies, and some in style, but what if the difference is in age? For sophomore Kayden McKinney, she said the higher maturity level of her boyfriend, senior Clifford Padmore, allows them to have better conversations. “When I dated this guy that was my age last year, it […]


From here to eternity: long-term relationships thriving

A chance encounter on the street, being introduced through friends or even seeing them walk down the halls every day, it’s unclear when you may meet someone that could end up becoming an important part of your life. For some, that meeting may result in a best friend or in a new found family. But […]


The art of music: turned the lock and put my headphones on

The summer air is hot, the view of the Hudson River is stunning and the crowd is all singing along to “Rebel Girl.” Sophomore Carly Hanin recalled this experience when reminiscing about her favorite concert, Bikini Kill at Pier 17 in New York City. Hanin engages with music through playing one of her own records […]


The art of music: symphony No. 614

From performing melodies in Spain to marching at football games, the high school’s music program provides a great opportunity for students to showcase and improve their talents. Freshman Ashton Pliskin said he joined the band program in fifth grade. It was an option given to all fifth graders that seemed enticing, he said. As a […]


The art of music: beauty and a beat

From classical rhythms to the head bangers of rock, the opportunities for music makers are endless. For students and staff at the high school, those opportunities are not limited to the walls of the building. Junior Jordan Steinbrook said his music involvement started when he began learning to play the drums when he was four, […]


Beginners take on the world of fantasy football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and fans have always wanted to make it more entertaining and interactive. Fantasy football allows fans to do just that. The fantasy football season is filled with triumphant highs and heart-wrenching lows. However, for amateurs in fantasy football, it can be a struggle […]


Fantasy football experts return for another season

The sport of football has been beloved by fans for generations. The intensity, culture and other aspects of the game combine to create a fast-paced entertainment for sports fans of all ages. But for fans looking for more ways to enjoy their favorite sport, fantasy football has provided an outlet that allows these fans to […]


Marijuana: usage, effects and repercussions

It’s a warm summer night, and you turn the corner onto Main Street. Then, it hits you. The smell is so potent and unique that you instantly recognize its skunk-like aroma. It’s marijuana. As marijuana has become more accessible, whether legally through a medical card or illegally on the street, it has found its way […]