‘Enola Holmes’ puts twist on Sherlock Holmes mysteries

Enola Holmes dressed as a proper young lady to blend in with the crowd and hide from her brothers. (Fair use from Vogue)

The new Netflix original movie “Enola Holmes” puts a fun and interesting twist on the well-loved mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, but it also includes some choppy and unrealistic elements.

The movie follows the adventures of Enola Holmes (Milly Bobby Brown), sister of famed detective Sherlock Holmes, who goes to London to search for her missing mother. Her strong-willed disposition and independent-thinking defy typical 1800s societal norms and lead to new challenges as she continues to follow clues left behind by her mother while avoiding her eldest brother’s attempts to force her into finishing school.

 While Enola’s extreme intelligence and insightful nature make her an interesting character, it is unrealistic that a young 16-year-old girl who has lived in isolation all of her life would be able to fit perfectly into London society and cunningly avoid her brothers. Despite her intelligence, Enola would not have easily been able to navigate the world as a mature adult and take on the responsibilities of protecting Tewkesbury, a foolish but kind hearted companion, and herself while also pursuing her mother.

The characters also frequently break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience, which is meant to enhance viewer participation in the mystery elements of the movie. However, these scenes feel forced into the story, and, at times, they make the movie feel disorganized and interrupted.

The soundtrack and filming fits the style and period of the movie to keep it interesting and upbeat, even at times when scenes were a little more intense. However, the music lacks the depth needed to show the charcters’ feeling and contradicts the emotions of the scene.

The movie is successful at staying true to the late 1800s with its clothing, scenery and language choices. These aspects are also kept interesting enough to engage the audience, despite blending seamlessly into the time period.

Overall, “Enola Holmes” is a fun movie full of adventure and mystery that put a fun twist on the beloved tales of Baker Street. While some parts of the film feet unrealistic or disorganized, the movie as a whole has an interesting concept and a solid execution that I would recommend as a movie night watch for all of my friends.