‘Home Alone’

8-year-old Kevin McCalliister (Macaulay Culkin) sets a trap for the burglars. (Fair use from IMDB)

With Christmas fast approaching, junior Isabel Best is excited for her family’s annual tradition of watching her favorite holiday movie “Home Alone” on Christmas Eve. 

“Home Alone” tells the story of a young boy left behind when his parents go on a trip to France. While he is home alone, burglars try to rob his house and he creates absurd and creative traps to protect his house.

Best explained that the tradition started when she was 6 years old while at her dad’s house for Christmas. Best said although the tradition originally started with watching the movie “Elf,” after a few years her family got tired of it and a new version of the tradition was born.

“Since ‘Home Alone’ is my favorite Christmas movie, I told my dad we should switch up the tradition a little and watch ‘Home Alone’ instead,” she added. 

 Over the years, she was able to create beautiful memories watching “Home Alone” which she will remember for a long time, like freaking out when the burglar in “Home Alone” stepped on the nails because it hurt her feet, Best added.

She added that traditions like these were very important to her since they happened pretty infrequently. 

“What makes this tradition so special is that I only spend Christmas with my dad every other year, so I try to enjoy the traditions we do have as much as I can,” she said.