Buddy (Will Ferrell) enjoys his breakfast of leftover spaghetti, chocolate sauce, syrup and more. (Fair use from IMBd)

The holiday season is the perfect time to cuddle up with a blanket and movie and enjoy the warm comforts of family. As Christmas comes around the corner once again, freshman Reese McCellan is excited to watch “Elf” with her family.

McCellan explained that curling up on the couch with her family to watch Buddy go through his crazy adventures is one of the highlights of the Christmas holiday for her.

“Elf” is a movie about a human named Buddy who was raised by elves in the North Pole. This tale takes viewers through the ups and downs of Buddy’s crazy life as he travels to New York City as he tries–and fails–to navigate the human world. Buddy strives to spread Christmas spirit and cheer to each person he meets and can make even the cynical feel his joy.

“Every Christmas Eve, my family and I will go out to a nice dinner and then come home to watch ‘Elf,’” McCellan explained. “The movie really never gets old.”

She said that this tradition started when she was a kid and her brother would always beg to watch it because it was his favorite movie. After a couple of years of doing this, it became a beloved family tradition that she couldn’t imagine Christmas without.

She said that Buddy is her favorite character due to the comedic genius of Will Ferrell and his excellent acting that brings the whole movie together.

“I love the whole part about how Buddy is constantly in the Christmas spirit and standing out in New York,” McMellan added.

She explained that she loves “Elf” because of the hilarious moments that make her laugh time and time again, even though she knows the movie by heart.

“I feel like Buddy is constantly expressing himself by being super happy and always being in his elf suit,” She said. “Buddy has more love for Christmas than anyone else in the movie and he isn’t afraid to show his spirit even if it means embarrassing himself.”