Biden’s first days show great progress in COVID-19 pandemic

Since his Wednesday, Jan. 20 inauguration, President Joe Biden has made great strides in his first month in office and is fulfilling his campaign promises to improve the status of the U.S.

According to USA Today, following the Trump presidency, Biden has begun implementing his plan to resolve the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Biden’s greatest challenge upon stepping into office was the growing death toll of over 400,000 Americans due to the virus, as well as the millions of jobs wiped out due to a struggling economy. In addition to COVID-19, Biden has also had to contend with an extremely divided government, climate change and national uproar over racial justice. Regardless, Biden has so far proven himself to be a worthy president and to have America’s best interests at heart.

Within hours of being sworn in to office, Biden issued his first executive orders. His first actions included rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization, which Trump had previously withdrawn from. By rejoining these organizations, Biden is securing a better relationship between the U.S. and other countries. Biden also revoked the travel ban on predominatly Muslim countries that Trump initiated. Biden’s initial actions show him reversing some of the damaging and prejudiced decisions made under Trump’s presidency.

During his first month, Biden’s primary focus was aiding the country after a full year of the COVID-19 pandemic and distributing a vaccine to as many people as possible so American families can return to their normal lives. So far, he has been very successful in delivering this promise. According to NPR, the Biden administration has distributed nearly 56 million doses as of Thursday, Feb. 18, meaning 12 percent of the country is vaccinated. Although only a fraction of Americans have received the vaccine so far, Biden claims that his plan is on track to have all Americans vaccinated by July. Additionally, according to the Associated Press, Biden has been working on a plan to contribute a total of $4 billion to COVAX, an alliance that will bolster the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to poorer countries. So far, Biden has shown to be less of an isolationist in terms of foreign policy than Trump, as he is determined to work with the rest of the world to solve this global issue. By aiding and supporting other countries, Biden is maintaining America’s reputation, as well as our relationships with others.

In addition to Biden’s vaccination agenda, he is also working to help the country out of an economic crisis. Many Americans have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and as a result are struggling to get by. According to Time, Biden is putting together a stimulus bill of $1.9 trillion for COVID-19 relief. This bill will aid families who are struggling by providing stimulus money, which will bolster the American economy. As stated by CNN, Biden hopes that the government working together to pursue this plan will result in less division. Mending the American economy as well as the government itself is extremely important and hopefully will help the country get back on its feet.

Although Biden’s intention was to work with the Republicans, according to CBS, in order to pass the bill, Democrats used reconciliation, a method that would disregard the Republican vote with a simple majority. Biden believed the process of passing the bill was less important than getting it passed for the sake of struggling Americans.

Biden is optimistic that as these plans continue to be implemented and some are put into action, the country will heal and soon parents will return to their jobs and schools will reopen. With that said, Biden’s first days in office have proved that America’s future may be brighter under the Biden Administration.