Students use astrology to reflect on their personalities

When people consider their personal characteristics, they don’t tend to consider how the positions of the sun, planets and stars influence them, but those who follow astrology believe the movement of these celestial bodies are the reason for each person’s personality.

In ancient times, people used an imaginary line in the sky to determine what star lay in the Zodiac area as the earth rotated around the sun throughout the year, according to Time. Each zodiac sign got its name from the constellation and its relationship to their placement in the sky and stars.

Astrology has regained popularity after its original boom in the 1970s through the Internet, according to The Atlantic. With the rise of social media, teenagers especially are able to research Zodiac signs more thoroughly.

Freshman Natalie Bell said she first learned about astrology through her friends.

“I heard about it many years ago, but I got really into it last year and started looking beyond just Zodiac signs,” Bell said.

She explained that astrology is more than the signs and that there are houses, planets, elements and aspects.

“It’s really confusing to understand all the components of it, but that’s what makes it fun to learn about,” Bell said.

Bell’s Zodiac sign is a Scorpio, meaning that her birth date falls between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21. Typically, Scorpios are found to be loyal, intense, introverted, honest, jealous and assertive, Bell said. She explained that the characteristics of her Zodiac sign have taught her that she may feel a certain way but act the exact opposite.

“I can be outgoing around people I know but super shy around people I don’t really know yet, which may be due to the fact that there are rising and sun signs,” Bell added.

A rising sign is what you project to others, whereas your sun sign is your core identity, Bell explained. Rising signs are mostly attributed to personality and sun signs are known for their genuine expression of who you are, she said. She added that your sun and rising signs are derived from the exact time and date you were born.

Additionally, Bell added that she uses Zodiac signs to determine her compatibility with others, but she feels her most strong relationships are based on elements, rather than signs.

According to Elite Daily, the four elements of the signs are based on a yin and yang energy that provide balance and wellbeing. Earth and water have a feminine, yin energy, as they tend to be more nurturing and sensual. Fire and air are masculine, yang, and they prefer to communicate and take action.

Bell explained that she feels a stronger connection with certain elements than others.

“I love air signs, but fire signs have characteristics that are too bold for me, and I often find myself veering away from those types of signs,” Bell said.

Astrology, however, does not connect deeply with all people. Junior Kaelen Matthews said that he understands Zodiac signs, but he does not feel that they accurately represent a person’s personality.

“I feel there are parts of my sign that reflect my personality, but typically, the characteristics are too broad to really capture the essence of a person,” Matthews said.

Matthews is a Libra, meaning that his birth date falls between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22. Libras tend to be a diplomatic, peaceful, social and clever sign that crave balance and idealism, Matthews said.

“These characteristics do not deeply resonate with me, so I don’t rely on them or truly believe in them to the extent that others do,” Matthews explained.

He said that he does not understand how people can recognize another person’s zodiac sign and determine their compatibility without having personally known them.

“I feel that people have tried to convince themselves that surface level characteristics of a person’s sign makes them more or less likely to be a good friend or partner,” Matthews said.

Matthews explained that while there is some connection that can be made between your personal relationship and your zodiac sign, it should not be used as a determining factor in creating relationships.

“People have a much deeper emotional profile than a zodiac sign provides, and it is not fair to assess their character off of supposed traits without learning more about them,” Matthews explained.

Despite some people’s doubts about astrology, senior Maya Cochran said that she has always found interest in astrology.

¨My mom had talked to me about astrology frequently, but recently, I have become interested in analyzing my birth chart and seeing how everything relates to who I am,” Cochran said.

Cochran said her Zodiac sign is a Cancer, who are found to be caring and empathetic people. Although she feels connected to her own sign, she does not use others’ signs to determine her relationships.

¨Occasionally, I look at my friends’ birth charts to look into our compatibility,” Cochran added. “However, I would never stop being friends with someone because our signs do not align.”

Cochran explained that she has realized that her close friends and close relationships work well because their signs are compatible. She added that she has enjoyed learning more about how astrology works and about how her emotions are connected to her birth chart.

¨Since learning more about astrology, I have learned the best ways to deal with hardships and conflicts,¨ Cochran said.