Post-vaccination plans–Abby Zbacnik

Imagine walking through a restaurant: people are talking, glasses are clinking and you are finally told your group has arrived at the table. This is the feeling that freshman Abby Zbacnik has missed the most during the pandemic.

One of the things Zbacnik said she is most excited to do after being vaccinated is being able to eat at her favorite restaurants. Since the pandemic has started, her family has only gotten takeout or has cooked dinner at home. She is excited for when she will be able to dress up and go out for the night to enjoy dinner with her friends and family.

“I think you just appreciate the food more, and it’s nicer to change your scenery and sit down to eat,” Zbacnik said.

She explained that her family loved to go out to many different places on Main Street, including Moshi Sushi and Rusty Bucket as her top choices. Zbacnik hopes that she will be able to resume eating in restaurants either this summer or early fall depending on the pandemic.

“I think the vaccines are helping and more things are opening,” Zbacnik said. “We probably will still have to wear masks, but there will be more sit-down places.”