Post-vaccination plans–Mead Gibson

Music blares from the speakers and the crowd goes wild, jumping around the stadium and screaming along to the songs. Since the pandemic last year, people have been unable to go to concerts or music festivals to accurately follow CDC guidelines of social distancing. Sophomore Mead Gibson hopes to return to these kind of events after she has been fully vaccinated.

Gibson explained that the music festival she is most excited to go to is Rolling Loud in Miami, Florida. This is a three-day event in July with many different artists, including some of her favorites, such as Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, Gibson said. She said she will have to wait and see if she will be able to be vaccinated by July.

As an avid music fan who has been unable to attend music festivals for over a year, Gibson is overjoyed to plan to go to one this year: “especially after a hard year, it will be 10 times more special,” Gibson said.

Even if she is unable to make it to Rolling Loud this year, she said that any type of concert or festival in Ohio would be sufficient. Coming up this fall is Breakaway, and Gibson is getting ready to buy her tickets.

“I miss the feeling of being connected as a crowd,” Gibson said. “I feel like music really unifies people.”