Baseball team bests Grandview Heights 18-6

Sophomore Josiah Old steps up to bat at the boys baseball game April 26th. (Photo by Henry Brandt)

The boys baseball team beat Grandview Heights 18-6 in a home game at Clowson Field Monday, April 26.

Junior Ryan Bernstein pitched three innings and the entire lineup had a strong performance at the plate: the Lions jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first inning with base hits from Bernstein, sophomore Jonathan Speiss, seniors Tommy Bloebaum and Jaxon Remeis, and a run from junior Joey Shapiro. They were in control for the rest of the game.

Bernstein gave up four runs in the second inning but didn’t give any more the rest of the way. After making it close early, runs batted in from Bernstein, Shapiro and Bloebaum in the fourth inning put the game out of reach for Grandview.

The Lions’ big day, in both hitting and pitching, was a big step to beat a league rival such as Grandview. The win capped a season sweep of now both Grandview and Columbus Academy, their two main adversaries.

Coach Joseph Krabill said he has been impressed by how hard his team has played and how they have made significant improvements.

“So far, we have eight wins and eight losses, and we have been competitive against [Division 1] programs,” Krabill explained.

He added that he is happy with the progress of the team, given the uncertainty of the year.

“Considering all the issues getting through the COVID-19 stops and starts of the offseason, this has been a successful season so far,” he said. “We have played a schedule that would have been one of the tougher ones in [Division 2] in central Ohio, and our guys have competed.”

Freshman Jamie Wright said he also was pleased with the team’s progress and has loved being part of the team.

“I think it was a great start to my baseball year and wouldn’t change anything about it,” Wright said. “I love the team and never thought it was going to be as good as how it’s going.”

Krabill praised the flexibility of his players, as many of them had to adjust the roles they expected to be playing this season. Having to miss last year’s season put a lot of players in a position where they are playing in different spots, he said.

“We have had some growing pains as anticipated,” Krabill said. “But they are coming together and know that this will help us become more solid as the season progresses.”

Senior Timmy Old stepped into a new role as well: captain. After missing his season last year, he said he has embraced and loved the opportunity.

“Being a captain has made me think less about what I can do personally on the field to help us win and more about how I can help other guys do the best that they can do so they can help us win,” Old said.

Wright explained that even though he is just a freshman, he has been happy with his inclusion and support from the team.

“The season has been amazing from the perspective of a young guy because of my teammates trying to improve my game and having my back when I need it,” he said. “The upperclassmen have made a big impact on me.”

Old said he is excited about the upcoming playoffs and that he thinks that his teammates are ready to make a deep run.

“I want to do the best we can do and hopefully make a run for districts,” he added. “If we play our best baseball every game we can beat just about anybody.”

Krabill also believes that his team is ready to make the next step. He said that knows the potential that his team has and the common goals that he shares with players.

“We as coaches expect effort, grit and resilience and guys are learning that,” Krabill said. “This is a good place to coach and our athletes want the same thing that we want as coaches.”