Royal family proves to be outdated concept with no modern relevance

With many stories being published about former duchess Meghan Markle’s experience at Buckingham Palace and more recently Prince Philip’s death, people around the world have come to question the relevance of monarchy in England and whether the royal family is a worthy institution or an outdated relic. Although the royal family is interesting to read about in the newspapers, their influence on Great Britain has become completely outdated because of their lack of political power and the tacky sensationalizing of their scandals in the media.

The royal family, having no political power in England, is left with only the social popularity given to them because of their status. The royal family today is seen more as celebrities of high status who remind the people of the past. Because of this, the royal family is outdated, and although it is perfectly acceptable to find their stories entertaining, it is important that people around the world realize that their importance comes solely from people still giving them that importance.

Another example can be found in the dramatization of the royal family’s issues. From the scandalous divorce between Prince Charles and Diana to Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah about how she was treated by the royal family, viewers everywhere are fascinated by the stories coming from within the walls of Buckingham Palace. Many shows like “The Crown” have been created in order to capture the essence of the family’s scandals. Because of these shows, the royal family’s daily lives now more than ever are dramatized. Since the only way that the royal family is able to stay relevant is through the dramatization of their lives, it is clear that their influence on England and the rest of the world is outdated and unnecessary. The importance as a family goes nowhere past the title of “royal,” and the institution upheld by the social influence is only used for the entertainment of people around the world.

Additionally, according to the British Heritage website, the Queen and her family cost the United Kingdom a hefty 67 million pounds per year, or close to 95 million US dollars. This money could easily go somewhere where it is needed instead of being poured into a family of royals who do not have any political power or major influence over the country. The social status of one family should never cost such a massive sum of money when it could go into other organizations helping the people of England who actually struggle financially.

The influence of the royal family is purely based on their social standing and the cost of the royal family is wasteful. In addition, their lack of political influence and the sensationalization of their lives. The British royal family has really lost its influence on England as a whole and can’t really be considered relevant.