Fans of the Game: Marleigh Warner

Senior Marleigh Warner sports the cow hat she donned for country theme game Sept. 10. (Photo by Molly O’Dell)

Senior Marleigh Warner led the student section when she won Fan of the Game beside senior Emma Magee on Sept. 10, when the Bexley Lions football team defeated Lakewood High School 27-18. Warner said she was awarded Fan of the Game after raising the spirits of the student section and the players on the field.

She explained that she participated in the theme of country and camouflage.

“I wore a cowboy hat, a flannel and some cowboy boots,” Warner explained. “I also had on shorts and a plain white tank top.”

In order to hype up the crowd, Warner explained that she enjoys including the younger grades because it can be a form of initiation.

“I had a lot of fun getting the crowd to scream as loud as they can,” Warner said. “It’s also a lot of fun to include the younger grades in all of the activities because it’s almost like a culture and it also sets the tone for the future.”

Warner said that one of the highlights of the game was when junior Dominic Gutter scored a touchdown and the student section erupted into chaos resulting in the energy staying high for the remainder of the game.

“After Dom scored, the student section got really hyped up,” Warner said.

Warner explained that after the football team won, the student section rushed to the other side of the field.

“We ran to the victory bell and rang it,” Warner said. “That was definitely the highlight of the game.”

Warner said that she was surprised when she won Fan of the Game because most of the students in her grade are very enthusiastic during football games.

“Although everyone had great energy, I do think I earned it,” Warner said.