Fans of the Game: Will Durishin

Senior William Durishin wears the banana costume he sported for the Aug. 27 game. (Photo by Zoe Wright)

Every Friday night, students make their journey to the high school and find their way to the student section, where they cheer on the football team. When it comes to Bexley football, students look forward to dressing up, meeting friends, and watching the game. Each home game is assigned a different theme, and some students go “bananas.”

After each home game, two students are awarded with Fan of the Game, whether it be for their awesome outfits, outstanding energy or overall spirit.

Senior Will Durishin was awarded with Fan of the Game for the football game Friday Aug. 27. This was the first home game of the season, and Bexley beat Mifflin High School 31-0. Durishin won Fan of the Game for his energy and iconic outfit. Even though the theme was blue out, Durishin wore a banana suit.

“I biked home, got the banana suit and came right back,” Durishin said.

Durishin said that the highlight of the game for him was being at the front of the student section. He said the energy was very high because of the team’s lead, and there was even a “go bananas” chant for him and his friend who also wore a banana costume.

Durishin explained that the student section stormed the field, where he was told he won the award.

Durishin said a highlight of the game was ringing the victory bell and getting pizza as his prize for winning.

“I think the team’s big lead definitely helped get everyone’s energy up, you could tell everyone was into it,” Durishin said.