New tea shop offers wide variety, pleasant atmosphere

First Corner Bubble Tea offers tasty and trendy teas, and the venue is a welcoming atmosphere. First Corner recently opened on East Main Street and has received a lot of attention from the Bexley community. Their menu features many different kinds of tea, including bubble tea, fruit tea, frozen tea and matcha. It also has a variety of different milks and flavoring that are plant-based and vegan friendly like oat, coconut and almond milk.

I was excited to try a variety of teas, and I decided to go with the strawberry bubble tea and the mango matcha.

Junior Gracie Thrush, sophomore Ace Hillman, junior Lily Cochran and senior Sydney Hoffman enjoy the boba tea at First Corner Bubble Tea. (Photo by Molly O’Dell)

My overall favorite was the strawberry bubble tea. I added oat milk to soften the strawberry taste, and I was not disappointed. It was very flavorful and lived up to my vastly high expectations. The mango matcha tasted and looked incredible. Its ombre look between yellow and green made it look very appetizing, and it tasted delicious.

The price for most drinks is around $5 to $6, which is reasonable for the size and quality of the drink.

The aura of First Corner is welcoming and calm. There is soothing music playing along with a color scheme of greens and whites, creating a modern yet natural atmosphere. The front patio has an assortment of greenery and outdoor seating which furthers the soothing aura of the indoor seating area. The only off-putting part of my experience is the fact that First Corner shares their space with Snap Fitness gym. When trying to relax and enjoy my drink, it was hard to unwind with the slight smell of sweat and sounds of much different music playing just 10 feet away.

Making up for this, the staff does everything possible to make their customers comfortable. The servers are incredibly friendly and patient under pressure. They seem to constantly be busy because of its newfound popularity, but that didn’t stop my drink from being ready in under two minutes.

First Corner Bubble Tea definitely lived up to my expectations. The kind staff, welcoming environment and delicious drinks deserve the attention they are getting. First Corner has undoubtedly made its way to the top of my list of favorite Bexley restaurants, and I am excited to return and explore the menu even further.