Meet your new junior class officers

Juniors Michael Brenner, Grace Elliott and Liam Kauffman. (Photo by Leah Baumann)

Juniors Michael Brenner, Grace Elliott and Liam Kauffman

Q: Introduce yourselves.

A: Brenner: “I am the junior class president. I play varsity soccer and baseball. I also lifeguard at the Bexley pool.”

Elliott: “I am vice-president of the junior class, and I play soccer and run track. I am also involved in Environmental Club, Key Club, YPP, MFactor and Ski Club.”

Kauffman: “I am a junior class vice-president. I play soccer and tennis, as well as being involved in MFactor. I am involved in community service through Wexner Service Corps, BBYO and I lifeguard.”

Q: Why did you choose to run for class officer?

A: Kauffman: “I felt I was someone that people could talk to and relate to as a person in our grade. If they’re struggling or need some extra help here and there, I’m there for them.”

Q: What is something you hope to change/accomplish for the school?

A: Brenner: “Open the back doors. I feel like it would be better, opening them earlier.”

Q: How do you plan on doing this?

A: Elliott: “I work with James McCann on policy [chair for Student Council], so he could be a great person to talk to.”