Environmental Club participates in zoo’s Teen Eco Summit event

The high school’s Environmental Club participated in the Teen Eco Summit Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Science teacher and Environmental Club adviser Scott Logsdon explained that the Teen Eco Summit, which is a year-long project focused on climate change, is hosted by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Sophomore Lily Jones explained that the high school was among 25 other schools in central Ohio selected for the program.

The program’s purpose, she said, is to create new ideas that will improve the planet.

“Our goal is to get more people involved and excited about the program,” Jones said.

Logsdon said the club, using supplies donated by the Bexley Education Foundation, participated in the online summit last year by designing water bottles made out of recycled materials.

He added that Environmental Club has two ideas for what they want to do for their Teen Eco Summit project this year.

He said the first idea is a clothes swap where people either trade their items or buy specific articles of clothing at a discounted price.

“All of the clothes that are left over would be given to local churches or to anyone in need,” Logsdon added.

The second idea, he said, is the sale of energy-conserving LED light bulbs.

“The Environmental Club members would give these LED bulbs to anyone in their community or to their grandparents that would like to switch out a regular incandescent bulb with an LED bulb,” he explained.

Team captain of Environmental Club and sophomore Kendall Moore said she learned a lot from the program and thinks the clothes swap would be successful.

“My goal for the clothes swap would be to make the people of the high school aware that we are privileged to own more expensive brands and how we can share these with others in order to make an impact on the environment,” she said.

Logsdon described the Teen Eco Summit as an asset to the Environmental Club programming and praised the members of the club for their hard work and insight.

The program, Jones said, has had a positive impact on Environmental Club, herself and her peers, and she is thankful to be invited.

“It’s honorable to know that the Eco Summit group thought of us as people that have great ideas and have a desire to take action,” she explained.