‘Eternals’ ambitious but poorly executed

Sersi (Gemma Chan) prepares for battle. (Fair use from Marvel Studios)

Marvel’s “Eternals” attempts to introduce a whole new group of superheroes to the universe following the very successful series “The Avengers.” It has the ambitious goal of introducing these new characters to the universe while also trying to summarize events that take place over thousands of years. The result is a movie packed with information and time jumps between 5000 B.C. and present day, which is often confusing and hard to follow.

There are 10 Eternals that have been living amongst humans for thousands of years but have superhuman abilities and can only be killed by alien creatures, Deviants.

The Eternals were created by a Celestial who, in the Marvel Universe, are beings that were among the first to exist and created everything in the universe. “Eternals” allows for future Marvel movies to discuss Celestials.

The cinematography throughout the film is very well done and the scenery is beautiful. The shifts of the setting align with the mood of the specific scene, making the experience enchanting.

Throughout the film, the setting is constantly changing. Scenes are set in Spain and England, both of which are gorgeous places. When three Eternals find another, the scenery jumps to a beautiful, lush jungle.

“Eternals” has to introduce and develop new characters while also explaining their history, but the movie is not successful in doing so. “Eternals” feels very different from Marvel’s previous saga of movies “The Avengers” because it changes time periods multiple times. “Eternals” has beautiful scenery and introduces the possibility for a variety of potential Marvel movies in the future because it explains the Celestials. While the scenery is spectacular, the movie has a puzzling plot line caused by its frequent time jumps, making it hard for viewers to understand.