Living, laughing, loving: rom-coms of the season

Senior Mason Deberry

“50 First Dates”

Senior Mason DeBerry was 10 years old when he first watched “50 First Dates,” his favorite rom-com. He added that he was introduced to it because his parents were watching it.

He said he was drawn to the film’s plot. DeBerry was immersed in the love story that unfolded despite unique circumstances.

“The story has a crazy twist to it because one of the main characters has severe short-term memory loss, and it completely affects the plot,” he said.

Junior Emma Taylor

“10 Things I Hate About You”

Junior Emma Taylor said she fell in love with this film’s unlikely couple and their unexpected romance.

Taylor explained that Kat is her favorite character in the movie because Kat’s relationship with her sister reminds her of her own family’s dynamic.

She added she enjoys the film’s youthful feel.

“I love how each scene has a high school vibe, from the parties to the school environment to the high school cliques,” she said.

Sophomore Stanford Brandt

“Coming to America”

Sophomore Stanford Brandt’s favorite rom-com is “Coming To America.” He said he first watched it because he and his family were looking for a good romantic comedy to watch on a Sunday night, and it is one of his dad’s favorite movies.

“It’s my favorite because it always entertains me and gives me a good laugh, and Eddie Murphy is in it, and he’s my favorite comedian,” he said. “It’s my favorite rom-com because it’s a movie I can watch multiple times and still find funny.”

Freshman Lily Levi

“The Kissing Booth”

Freshman Lily Levi explained that relatability is what drew her to the “The Kissing Booth.” Levi said that she enjoys the classic but captivating plot.

She said that she likes the high school setting and the development of the main characters’ relationship.

“My favorite part of ‘The Kissing Booth’ is when Elle and Noah kiss at the kissing booth because their relationship escalated quickly,” she said.