Student Council reintroducing events

Student Council is reintroducing school events, including a winter dance and a talent show. Student Council adviser Michael Featherstone said the winter dance took place Saturday, March 5 in the high school gym.

He added that the talent show will take place Friday, April 1 during the school day. Senior and Student Council president Quinn Hall explained that Student Council sent out a survey to the student body to see what kind of events students were interested in.

Based on the results Student Council received, they decided to plan a winter dance and talent show, he said.

“Bexley’s done a winter dance in the past, but there hasn’t been a lot of enthusiasm for it in the past years, and COVID-19 has prevented us from doing bigger events,” Hall said.

Featherstone said students wanted the winter dance to be a casual event.

“I kept hearing from students in Student Council that people haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do these big gatherings in recent years because of COVID-19, so they think there’s more demand for it, but they didn’t want to get dresses,” Featherstone said.

“They wanted to do more casual.” Junior Scarlett Johnson said she’s glad the winter dance was more of a casual event.

“I like that the winter dance is more casual because it falls in between two more formal events,” Johnson said.

“It’s nice to have a more casual event where students can get together.” Featherstone said that the Student Council brainstormed some theme ideas for the dance, and in a vote, neon won.

Principal Kristin Robbins said she feels that these reimplemented events enable the students to connect with one another outside of school, which is something that was not possible last year due to the pandemic.

“I think getting back to as ‘normal’ as we can, and providing opportunities for kids to be together in social aspects, is incredibly important,” Robbins said.

“Then for the talent show, to showcase what we sometimes don’t see about kids, it’s always fun, and it’s a great opportunity.”

For the past couple of years, the school has not done a talent show due to COVID-19 as well as a lack of interest, Featherstone said.

“The talent show was never something we intended on giving up, so we’re just trying to bring it back,” he added.

Featherstone said the talent show is an opportunity for kids to show what they can do and for their classmates to see a side of them that they may not have seen before.

Students who are interested in participating will need to audition to make sure the acts are appropriate, Featherstone said. He added that if there are too many acts, the auditions will help them decide who gets to perform.

Featherstone said Student Council will evaluate whether they want to continue hosting a winter dance by attendance and student response. Satisfying the students’ social needs is an important goal of these events, Hall said, and Student Council is working to match these expectations.

“I think there’s a lot of enthusiasm around the events, and it’s my job to make the students happy and do what they want to do,” Hall said