Borgata Pizza Cafe serves as hotspot for delicious hand-tossed pizzas

Seven delicious slices of Borgata’s pizza include pepperoni,
cheese and mushroom topping selections. (Photo by Gigi Lewis)

Budd Dairy is a prime location for anyone searching for a good meal and a lively, welcoming environment. Out of all the restaurant options in the food hall, the one that drew me in the most was Borgata Pizza Cafe. Between their extensive menu and the pizzas on display, I could not resist.

The aroma coming from the restaurant was inviting to my hungry stomach. Whether in search of something like a cheese pizza, a vegetarian option such as their Mediterranean vegetable pizza or something more creative like their supreme pizza with six different toppings, Borgata has the right option. For any other cravings, there are plenty of other non-pizza options including salads, wings and subs.

After much deliberation, I decided to go with three slices: a classic cheese, a pepperoni and a Mediterranean vegetable. An individual slice ranges from $5 to $7.25, depending on the type. Although slightly pricey, the unusually large size of the slices and the quality of the pizza made it worth the cost.

The pizza had a thick and fluffy inner crust with a crispy exterior, combined with various toppings placed under and on top of the melty cheese. Each bite had equal amounts of every fresh and delicious topping, leaving me excited for the next bite.

Budd Dairy has numerous options for seating, from high tables with stools nearest to Borgata to large tables and chairs on the other side of the bar in the middle. Seating can be more difficult to find later in the day, as that is the most popular time for the cafe. However, during the day there are very few seating issues. No matter where you sit, the environment is lively and vibrant. For some the high energy may be overwhelming, but the alternative of going during the day is just as enjoyable.

Whether in a group or going solo, Budd Dairy is a great place for quality pizza and a high-spirited environment. I went once in the afternoon and once at night, and there was a clear shift in ambiance. Although the atmosphere earlier in the day was far more mellow as a result of fewer people and less noise, it was equally as enjoyable as the more energetic atmosphere of the evening. I highly recommend visiting Budd Dairy and trying out Borgata’s Pizza for yourself if you are in the mood for a vibrant setting and some unusually large pizza.