Cluck Norris offers flavorful menu, quality selection of crispy chicken

Cluck Norris serves crispy chicken. (Photo by Zoe Wright)

Cluck Norris, one of the 10 vendors available at Budd Dairy Food Hall, has a small yet delicious menu of chicken sandwiches, tenders and several side dishes.

Budd Dairy is very modern in both appearance and operation. QR code menus sit on each table, and online ordering is available for all vendors. The food hall is well organized, with each vendor having their own stand, allowing for browsing between different stalls.

I thought there would be large crowds when I went at lunch time on a weekend, but it was not very busy, and I had no trouble finding parking or navigating crowds. I chose to place an order at Cluck Norris due to their simple yet appealing menu. They offer two different chicken sandwiches, along with chicken tenders and several sides, including French fries and onion rings. Being a very picky eater, I was concerned about what I would like there, but there were several vendors that offered choices that appealed to me. One such vendor was Cluck Norris.

Once I placed my order online, I waited about 10 minutes before I saw my order at the counter and received a text saying it was ready. I ordered Cluck Norris’ Angry Bird chicken sandwich and five of their chicken fingers. The chicken sandwich was $11, which was reasonable for the size and quality.

The breading on the sandwich was very well seasoned and crispy, and the chicken was juicy and easy to bite into. The buttered and toasted sesame seed bun added to the flavor of the sandwich. The sandwich also had spicy ranch and pickles. These both added to the taste, with the ranch providing a kick and the pickles bringing a little bit of sweetness.

Cluck Norris’ chicken fingers were $9 for five, which felt slightly overpriced due to the smaller size of each finger. They had a uniquely seasoned batter, and the chicken was very tender. I got a side of barbeque sauce with them, which elevated the experience. It had a sweet yet savory and tangy flavor. It paired well with the chicken, but the crispy, seasoned tenders also stood out on their own.

Cluck Norris’ menu delivers everything I could want in a chicken dish—great seasonings, juicy, tender chicken and tasty flavor in all components of each menu item.