Stars of spirit week

Monochromatic outfit day started off this year’s spirit week. Spirit week, a tradition at the high school, is the week prior to homecoming. During this week, there is a theme for students and teachers to dress according to the theme assigned each day.

To celebrate monochromatic Monday, junior Samara Kahan wore an entirely pink outfit.

“Pink is my favorite color, and I just got new pink shoes, so I wanted to match my outfit with my shoes,” Kahan said.

Kahan, who is the student council communications chair, explained that she dressed up because it was the easiest day and helped get spirits up for the rest of the week. She added that her leadership position created more of a responsibility to dress up for spirit week. Kahan was met with a very positive reaction, getting several compliments on her brightly colored outfit, she explained.

For the second day of spirit week, the theme was “anything but a bag day,” meaning students could put their school supplies in anything – aside from their backpacks.

This day featured senior Simon Davis, who brought an electric scooter with a banker’s box strapped on top of it.

“I was struggling to come up with an idea for this day,” Davis said. “My friends were helping me come up with an idea, and we thought of using my scooter.”

Davis explained that he chose to use a scooter because it was a funny idea, and he wanted to challenge himself. He received several compliments about his creative idea, as well as several other students asking to ride his scooter down the hall, Davis said.

Sophomore Nandni Patel showed her culture on Wednesday’s personal cultural heritage day.

Patel was hesitant to show her Indian culture because she wasn’t sure other people were going to do it, she said. As long as she had someone to dress up with, she was going to do it , Patel said.

“I had a lot of compliments about my outfit, a lot of people telling me my outfit was very pretty as well as gorgeous,” Patel added.

Patel explained that she likes spirit week because it gives the students an opportunity to express their different takes on each of the themed days.

To end spirit week, Thursday’s theme was dress like Adam Sandler day. Freshman Lucy Robinson knew she wanted to dress up for this theme, wearing baggy pants and a big sweatshirt.

“I chose to dress up for Adam Sandler day because it seemed pretty fun, and I didn’t expect to see Adam Sandler day as a spirit day,” Robinson said.

She explained that she got a lot of compliments and several people telling her that they loved the red sweatshirt. Robinson said she was very glad she dressed up for Adam Sandler day.

Freshman Lucy Robinson (Photo by Livi Tuber)
Sophomore Nandni Patel (Photo by Livi Tuber)
Senior Simon Davis (Photo by Livi Tuber)
Junior Samara Kahan (Photo by Livi Tuber)
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Livi Tuber
Livi Tuber is a senior at Bexley High School and a sports editor for the Torch. Outside of the Torch, she is on the softball team and is involved in Student Council and Environmental Club.