The art of music: turned the lock and put my headphones on

The summer air is hot, the view of the Hudson River is stunning and the crowd is all singing along to “Rebel Girl.” Sophomore Carly Hanin recalled this experience when reminiscing about her favorite concert, Bikini Kill at Pier 17 in New York City.

Hanin engages with music through playing one of her own records at home, listening to a new artist on Spotify, or even singing along at a concert. Hanin said that music always plays a role in her day-to-day life.

“I spend about 70% of my day listening to music,” she said. “Music itself just brings me a lot of joy.”

Hanin explained that her favorite artists include ThunderCat, Rejjie Snow, Men I Trust, Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator.

“Music is really important to me because I grew up listening to my mom and dad’s music, which really expanded my music taste,” Hanin said. “For me, I really like to listen to new kinds of music, so I’ll take any music recommendations from my friends and listen to it.”

Social Studies teacher Anna Schottenstein said that her love of listening to music came from being surrounded by music growing up.

Whether she was listening to the Rat Pack with her grandparents, the Beatles with her father, her grandmother playing the piano or her mother playing the guitar, Schottenstein said that the role music played in her youth helped influence the role it plays today.

Schottenstein explained that traveling has helped her appreciate music more, as it can serve as an international language.

“When I’m traveling the world, regardless of where I am, music is a way to communicate with others,” she said. “I think that’s pretty incredible.”

Freshman Emily Wasserstrom explained that her love of listening to music comes from the fact that there’s a song that can go with any mood she’s in, which is why she gravitates towards certain artists.

“My favorite artist is Taylor Swift,” Wasserstrom said. “She just makes me so happy, and listening to her lyrics makes me feel really seen because she has songs for every emotion.”

Wasserstrom said that her love of music stemmed from participating in the musical theater program since she was young and that being in theater and choir always makes music a part of her day.

“I think music is a great tool of self-expression that more people should take advantage of because it’s a great outlet for your emotions,” she said.

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Iris Frost
Iris Frost is a junior at Bexley High School and is a staff reporter for the Torch student newspaper. Outside of the Torch, she plays soccer for the high school and participates in the Environmental Club.