Overwatch 2 surpasses expectations and reignites the games popularity

The release of “Overwatch 2” has been long desired by the gaming community after its prequel, “Overwatch,” gained worldwide recognition from the point of its release in 2016. The game was the original first person shooter (FPS) to receive game of the year by The Game Awards, which it received in its first year of release. Millions of people within the gaming industry had high hopes for the release of “Overwatch 2,” and the game certainly exceeded expectations.

“Overwatch 2” is not a new game in comparison to the original, as “Overwatch 2” serves as more of an extensive content update in which the developers enhanced aspects of the game such as the playable heroes, maps, graphics and sound effects. While the game is not entirely new, it still gives you a fresh game feeling when playing. The game switched to a 5v5 player format whereas, in the original, each team consisted of six heroes. The removal of this extra player causes the battlefield to feel less chaotic and is more fitting for the fast pace of the game.

In addition to the changes in gameplay, the updated graphics of Overwatch 2 surpassed my expectations. All aspects of the game look more vibrant, and the bright colors make the game feel far more exciting compared to the original. The high contrast between the bright colored heroes and dim backgrounds allows for players to easily pick out their targets and battle with their teammates. In addition, the buildings and natural scenery appear sharp and detailed, making all of the playable maps not only fun to play, but enjoyable to look at.

The altered hero list of “Overwatch 2” excels in its attraction to both new and veteran players of “Overwatch.” The game’s expansion from 32 to 35 heroes gives all players an opportunity to find a hero that fits best with their playstyle. In addition to the new list of heroes, every hero from the original “Overwatch” underwent changes too. Some were minimal, while others completely changed the hero’s arsenal of abilities. These changes gave experienced players a new challenge to explore and re-learn all of their favorite heroes from the original and provide an even more unique experience.

While adding updates to the hero roster, “Overwatch 2” has changed and included new maps as well. Adding six new maps, making a total of 19, gives each match a unique experience. With this level of variety, players are ensured to have an authentic experience in each match and never feel as though the game is repetitive. Especially for newer players, the wide range of maps offered will entice them to keep playing.

“Overwatch 2” improved all aspects of its prequel, providing a fun and interactive experience for first timers and old players. Whether you have never played “Overwatch” or spent countless hours on the original, “Overwatch 2” is sure to impress all players.