Batman, Barbie and the best of Spirit Week

Visual Arts teacher Mabi Ponce de León relaxes in her comfy PJ Day outfit. “I just wanted to participate, and I think that it’s more fun when everybody participates,” she said. (Photo by Ethan Solomon)
Sophomore Ashton Pliskin shows off his golf outfit for “Country vs. Country Club Day.” “I think that our school has very low school pride,” Pliskin said. “Also it’s homecoming week so you should dress up because it’s fun.” (Photo by Ethan Solomon)
Seniors Masha Shonia and Anja Hoy show off their extravagant outfits for “Barbie and Ken Day.”
“It’s my senior year and I wanted to go all out,” Shonia said. “I just Googled Ken and Barbie outfits from the movie, and I thought this one was the most fun and easy to do. I have definitely gotten some compliments, also some weird stares.” (Photo by Ethan Solomon)
Senior Lily Jones rejoices as she is crowned as a Homecoming Monarch. “Being voted monarch was really cool,” Jones said. “Celebrating that with my friends and my peers was really fun.” (Photo by Ruthie Gravelle)

Senior Olivia Ramsden tries on her crown for the first time after being voted Homecoming Monarch. “I was very surprised,” Ramsden said about the moment she was announced as a Homecoming Monarch. “I was shocked and then I black out and don’t really remember much from the moment.” (Photo by Sid Sivaraman)
Senior Jonah Smith poses in his Batman costume for Blackout day.
“I’m just really excited for this Academy game, I really wanted to bring my school spirit back,” Smith said. “I planned it last night, I thought I kind of want to be Batman tomorrow. I went to Party City, and now I’m here.” (Photo by Jonah Young)
Ethan Solomon
Ethan Solomon is a junior at Bexley High School and a reporter for Torch student newspaper. Outside of Torch, he plays soccer and lacrosse.