Rodrigo spills ‘Guts’ on successful new album

Olivia Rodrigo’s newest album, “Guts,” cements her spot as a proficient artist. (Fair Use The New Yorker)

Olivia Rodrigo has done it again. Her second album, “GUTS,” released Sept. 8, has caused quite a dramatic impact in the charts. The 12 songs debuting on “GUTS” provide an emotional and insightful journey into Rodrigo and her thoughts on growing up and first loves.

While “SOUR” was an amazing debut into the world of music, “GUTS” solidifies Rodrigo’s presence in the industry as a powerhouse at such a young age. 

Each song has a completely different sound to it, allowing for new mixed genres, such as a pop-rock sound to be created. “Vampire,” the first single released on June 3, is an impactful ballad that ranges from a slow-tempo, harmonious sound to a blaring, ear-worming chorus. Another single titled “Bad Idea Right?” came out shortly after “Vampire” on Aug. 11, leaving fans with a hint of what was to come on the album.

The other 11 songs were released, allowing listeners and observers to follow Rodrigo on a musical journey throughout her life following the release of her debut album, “SOUR.”

“GUTS” contains songs with more mature sounds and themes inside. Songs like “Pretty isn’t Pretty” and “Making the Bed” touch on deeper, more emotional and meaningful themes. Rodrigo surprised me as a listener by providing such an insightful perspective on certain subjects at such a young age. One must listen multiple times before starting to discover the underlying meanings, creating more and more enjoyment after each listen. 

The songs on the album feature a wide variety of vocals, tempos and sounds. Rodrigo was either singing softly, with a delicate and peaceful tone, or screaming in rages of jealousy and anger. “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” and “The Grudge” stand out as the best songs on the album. Their vibrant melodies and lyrics somehow always contain a deeper meaning, making them my personal favorites. Both are about Rodrigo’s teenage years, including lessons that she’s learned about life and love along the way.

Another favorite of mine is “Get Him Back!”, a pop-rock anthem reminiscent of a girl-group sound from the early 2000s. The themes resonate with the conflicting emotions of love and loss that many teenage girls navigate throughout this time. 

This album resonates with me as a listener and fan because of the wide range of ideas and subjects of each of the songs. Throughout the album, I was taken on a journey of Rodrigo’s thoughts and feelings surrounding her life. I find this absolutely fascinating and intriguing to listen to while I do my homework, drive or just sit and listen. 

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Alex Flamm
Alex Flamm is a junior at Bexley High School, member of the girls tennis team, and a reporter for the Torch.