A ‘sub above’ or below? Opinion editor Kate Magee searches for the best sandwich shop in Bexley

Jimmy John’s

The classic Turkey Tom from Jimmy John’s is always delicious, but a bit boring. The sandwich had the best bread, and the classic chips were a very good side. However, the deli meat and produce were nothing special. 

The Jimmy John’s “Freaky Fast” mantra is no joke. They made the sandwich very quickly, and their workers were very friendly. 

In the restaurant, the walls were covered in funny messages which were entertaining to read, and the soda selection was on par with Jersey Mike’s. I didn’t like how they put the cups and straws above the soda station because I couldn’t find them at first, but overall, Jimmy John’s is a classic, reliable meal. 

Penn Station

Penn Station’s depressing environment matched the flavor of the subs. The classic Turkey and Provolone was not very fresh, but the side of crispy and seasoned fries was the best additional item I had between the three shops.

The flavor was fairly poor because of the bread and extra toppings. The bread was slightly stale and the toppings seemed a little old. But, the deli meat was fresh and had a very nice taste to it. 

The environment was a bit dark because there wasn’t much natural light in the store. However, the workers warmed up the environment, as they were all very cheery and helpful. 

I didn’t like that you couldn’t see them making the sub and that most of the soda options were out of order. Overall, Penn Station was my least favorite sub shop due to the lack of fresh ingredients, but the workers were very pleasant.

Jersey Mike’s

The Jersey Mike’s classic #7, Turkey and Provolone, proves they’re the best in Bexley. The sub was made directly in front of my eyes, and ordering it “Mike’s Way,” with the addition of red wine vinegar, spices and other traditional yet delicious toppings added a creative spin to the sandwich. 

Jersey Mike’s offers a variety of options for drinks, and the Miss Vickie’s brand chips make for the perfect side. The store’s facade is a wall of windows, and all of the sunlight makes the shop fun to eat in. The pictures from the Jersey Shore are very nostalgic to me; when I went to the Jersey Shore in the summer as a kid, Jersey Mike’s was a staple. 

The sandwich had fresh deli meat, though the bread got a little soggy from all of the toppings. Overall, the flavor of the turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes worked together very well. The flavors were fresh and the lettuce was nice and crunchy. Jersey Mike’s is by far the best sandwich shop in Bexley due to its environment and flavor profile.

Photos by Kate Magee

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Kate Magee
Kate Magee is a junior at Bexley High School and is a staff reporter for the Torch. Outside of the Torch, she plays volleyball and lacrosse for the high school. She also participates in the Bexley Vocal Ensemble and is a book club co-captain.