Students experience senior-only prom

Margaret Zirwas Staff Reporter Students dance maskless and shoulder to shoulder in the center of a ballroom as “Cupid Shuffle” blares from the speakers. While this may sound like a scene from 2019, it’s really a description of Bexley’s 2021 senior prom, held on May 8, 2021. Throughout the school year, the possibility of a […]


School punishes creators of senior girls chart, offers support to students

The administration took action to punish the creators of a list ranking senior girls based on appearance and offered support to students through meetings and a speaker following an investigation of the chart after it was shared on social media Saturday, April 17.  According to a statement released by the administration addressing the situation, the […]


School administration has ineffective response to senior girls list

The recent sharing of a “list” ranking senior girls based on appearance via social media garnered large outcry and debate from both the students and the community. In response, the administration held meetings with the senior girls to offer counseling, invited a speaker to discuss Internet safety and held a lunchtime meeting to discuss the […]


Student manages difficulties of epilepsy

For many kids, the summer camp experience is defined by spending hours under the sun, swimming, kayaking or partaking in other enjoyable activities. However, for senior Kate Sullivan, that fun experience was quickly spoiled. In July 2019, at around midnight of her first night of camp, she awoke in a daze surrounded by people. “I […]


Diabetes creates daily challenges for students

The pancreas: a small, seemingly benign organ located in the stomach. Many will not pay this vital structure much attention unless forced to fill out a sheet labeling organs in a class. Others might only see it when staring at a fuzzy photo of the stomach on a biology test, quick to forget what and […]


‘Seaspiracy’ uncovers dark secrets of marine industry

To expose the lesser known evils of human activity that impact marine ecosystems, British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi set out on a journey and created a revealing documentary: “Seaspiracy.” The central issue discussed in this documentary has flown under the radar and has been purposely kept secret from the public. Tabrizi uncovered the mass killing of […]


Royal family proves to be outdated concept with no modern relevance

With many stories being published about former duchess Meghan Markle’s experience at Buckingham Palace and more recently Prince Philip’s death, people around the world have come to question the relevance of monarchy in England and whether the royal family is a worthy institution or an outdated relic. Although the royal family is interesting to read […]


Students enthusiastic to get COVID-19 vaccine

Students 16 and older excitedly rushed to book their appointments with hopes of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible and wishes of a normal summer. Junior Liam Avelluto said he received his vaccine at the Columbus Expo Center. He got the Pfizer vaccine, which is the only available vaccine for those under 18 […]


Cheer team wins states for second year in a row, adjusts to new form of competition

The cheer team placed first in their virtual state competition Sunday, Feb. 21 after winning their first state championship last year. Head cheer coach Brooke Wojcik said that they had much less time to prepare this year than last year. They had to take breaks from practice as players were put into quarantine mid-season yet […]


Baseball team bests Grandview Heights 18-6

The boys baseball team beat Grandview Heights 18-6 in a home game at Clowson Field Monday, April 26. Junior Ryan Bernstein pitched three innings and the entire lineup had a strong performance at the plate: the Lions jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first inning with base hits from Bernstein, sophomore Jonathan Speiss, […]