Summer Calendar

June June 3rd: Capital Main Event   June 3rd-5th: Cedar Point CoasterMania! If you’re a roller coaster superfan, join Cedar Point as they celebrate their roller coasters by offering extended ride times from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.   June 6th: “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” Concert   June 17th-18th: Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival […]


Florida law discriminates, harms LGBTQ+ students

One might assume that their government is doing everything in its power to provide support and bring awareness to marginalized groups of people, as they’re the ones most in need of it. Sadly, with legislation such as Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, that notion would be proven wrong. This bill perpetuates outdated, homophobic values […]


Gridlock on the block: students struggle to find parking

In Bexley, driving anywhere is within a five minute radius—except for finding a parking spot around the high school. It is a common occurrence to see students driving in loops around the school, frantically searching for any available spot minutes before they’re due for a tardy slip. While waking up early for school is hard […]


Senior cultivates Garden Club for future members

Orange day-lily. Rose of Sharon. English ivy. All of these beautiful, eye-catching plants can be found adorning numerous homes throughout Bexley. However, aside from their beauty and prevalence, each of these plants has another thing in common: they are not native to Ohio. Senior and president of the high school’s Garden Club Josh Bahar observed […]


Eighth-grader aces competition, proves to be match for no one

The Bexley tennis courts are often filled with players, but they rarely compare to the skill level of current Bexley Middle School eighth-grader Amiya Bowles. According to TennisRecruiting, she is currently ranked first in Ohio and 19th in the nation for the Class of 2026, earning a record of 50-17 on the youth circuit. Bowles […]


Marijuana: usage, effects and repercussions

It’s a warm summer night, and you turn the corner onto Main Street. Then, it hits you. The smell is so potent and unique that you instantly recognize its skunk-like aroma. It’s marijuana. As marijuana has become more accessible, whether legally through a medical card or illegally on the street, it has found its way […]


Selecting roommate diminishes college experience

From party animals to early birds, everyone has heard horror stories of freshman year college roommates. One of the biggest decisions in a young adult’s life is college, and taking the risk of a random roommate seems like the wrong choice to many. With the recent rise in popularity of social media pages dedicated to […]


Borgata Pizza Cafe serves as hotspot for delicious hand-tossed pizzas

Budd Dairy is a prime location for anyone searching for a good meal and a lively, welcoming environment. Out of all the restaurant options in the food hall, the one that drew me in the most was Borgata Pizza Cafe. Between their extensive menu and the pizzas on display, I could not resist. The aroma […]


New elementary, middle school summer programs introduced

Several new classes have been added to the summer school program beginning Tuesday, June 7 in the Cassingham complex. Summer school Principal Toby Fischer said that 80% of the 67 elementary through high school summer classes offered are new, with a wide variety of curriculum available to students. Fischer said most new classes are intervention, […]


Immigrant, refugee outreach expanded through new club

A new high school club dedicated to serving immigrants and refugees in central Ohio has been created in hopes of educating Bexley students about the experiences of immigrants and refugees and providing opportunities for students to become more involved in assisting these groups. Juniors and co-presidents Isaac Bernstein and John Laing said that the Bexley […]