GSA raises money for LGBTQ charity

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) plans to sell hot drinks in the Lion Lobby through Friday, Feb. 10, to raise money for The Trevor Project. The sale has run every Friday through Valentine’s Day, leading up to the club’s “Safe Love Week” which promotes safe and healthy relationships, said social studies teacher and GSA advisor […]


Charity month returns to high school

Student Council is hosting a charity event from mid-February through the end of the third quarter which will include the sale of candy grams, a senior-teacher raffle and a talent show. Social studies teacher and Student Council advisor Michael Featherstone said the month will begin with selling candy grams on Valentine’s Day as a way […]


Long-awaited ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ is predictable

The new Netflix film “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” ultimately falls short in creating a suspenseful murder mystery. While it features a beautiful setting and well known actors such as Kate Hudson (Birdie Jay), Madelyn Cline (Whiskey) and Daniel Craig (Detective Benoit Blanc), it is very predictable from early on in the movie. They […]


Eighth grade Washington D.C. trip reintroduced to middle school

The annual eighth grade Washington, D.C. trip is set to occur April 25-28 following a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19. Middle school Principal Jason Caudill said once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, the main concern about the trip became affordability. The major expenses related to the trip, such as food, hotels and transportation, have become more […]


Free breakfast offered to all through end of school year

The district will provide free breakfast for students during the remaining 2022-2023 school year as a result of leftover money from COVID-19 relief funds. Superintendent Jason Fine said he met with fellow administrators to propose the idea of the free breakfast program to the Board of Education and it was approved at the December meeting. […]


‘White Lotus’ season two proves to be riveting, comedic watch

Ending with a 94% Rotten Tomatoes score, and four Golden Globe nominations, it is safe to say that HBO and producer Mike White completed another brilliant season of “The White Lotus.” The second season of the show premiered Oct. 30, 2022, and finished airing Dec. 11, 2022. The newest season features an ensemble cast of […]

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Distance, devotion and doubt: life at long distance

Out of the five recognized love languages, quality time is often regarded as one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Spending time with each other, whether it be going on walks or getting dinner, can help strengthen new relationships and keep old ones exciting. But what happens when a person’s significant other lives […]


Age is just a number: relationships with a difference in grade

Some relationships have differences in height, some in hobbies, and some in style, but what if the difference is in age? For sophomore Kayden McKinney, she said the higher maturity level of her boyfriend, senior Clifford Padmore, allows them to have better conversations. “When I dated this guy that was my age last year, it […]


College advisers give privileged advantage in college process

Every fall, millions of high school seniors across the country rush to complete the stressful and rigorous process of college applications. However, according to The Chronicle, in the past few years, colleges have seen a record number of applications, and their acceptance rates have plummeted as a result. To combat this issue, families have turned […]


From here to eternity: long-term relationships thriving

A chance encounter on the street, being introduced through friends or even seeing them walk down the halls every day, it’s unclear when you may meet someone that could end up becoming an important part of your life. For some, that meeting may result in a best friend or in a new found family. But […]