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“Lyle Lyle, Crocodile” successfully revitalizes traditional children’s story

Sony Animation’s newest film, “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile,” based on the book by Bernard Waber, aims to refresh a classic children’s story and succeeds through its top-notch cast and stellar musicality. Award winning artist Shawn Mendes’ (Lyle) renditions of both original and covered songs will be stuck in your head for days. While it is slightly […]

Overwatch 2 surpasses expectations and reignites the games popularity

The release of “Overwatch 2” has been long desired by the gaming community after its prequel, “Overwatch,” gained worldwide recognition from the point of its release in 2016. The game was the original first person shooter (FPS) to receive game of the year by The Game Awards, which it received in its first year of […]

Despite its suspense and scares, “Smile” fails to captivate audience

Parker Finn’s “Smile” is not for the weak-stomached. From the intense opening shots, this film has you wanting to look away every scene. With suspense and jump scares around every corner, it seems that “Smile” would be a hit. Still, it doesn’t do enough to keep the audience invested throughout, causing it to be another […]

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