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Students experience senior-only prom

Margaret Zirwas Staff Reporter Students dance maskless and shoulder to shoulder in the center of a ballroom as “Cupid Shuffle” blares from the speakers. While this may sound like a scene from 2019, it’s really a description of Bexley’s 2021 senior prom, held on May 8, 2021. Throughout the school year, the possibility of a […]

School punishes creators of senior girls chart, offers support to students

The administration took action to punish the creators of a list ranking senior girls based on appearance and offered support to students through meetings and a speaker following an investigation of the chart after it was shared on social media Saturday, April 17.  According to a statement released by the administration addressing the situation, the […]

School administration has ineffective response to senior girls list

The recent sharing of a “list” ranking senior girls based on appearance via social media garnered large outcry and debate from both the students and the community. In response, the administration held meetings with the senior girls to offer counseling, invited a speaker to discuss Internet safety and held a lunchtime meeting to discuss the […]

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