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Editorial: Full-length AP testing this year puts students at disadvantage

Students at Bexley have spent less time physically in school this year than ever before due to the necessary implementation of hybrid learning schedules and other precautions taken against COVID-19. Although College Board is offering both in-person and online testing, an issue that has gone unaddressed is that many schools are behind where they would […]

Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

Winning Best Actor at the Oscars is one of the highest honors for any actor and can make any actor a household name. For Best Actor in a Leading Role, Chadwick Boseman should receive the Oscar.  Boseman passed away at age 43 due to colon cancer in August 2020, shortly after the movie “Ma Rainey’s […]

New tardy system allows three each quarter instead of five each semester

A new tardy system was implemented after spring break that allows students to accumulate three tardies every nine weeks, instead of the prior tardy system which allowed students five tardies each semester. Assistant Principal Craig McMillen said this new system is a way to create a fresh start to being all in and having a […]

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