Taylor Swift show takes fans through her life

The world-renowned artist Taylor Swift has proven her success once again with her performances throughout The Eras Tour, which includes all her past albums and eras. This three-and-a-half hour long show has broken many records, including the most-attended concert by any female artist.

Throughout the June 30 show in Cincinnati, Swift switched between different genres of music, such as country, pop and alternative, bringing to life the background of each of her albums. Almost everyone who attended the concert chose one of these different eras to represent when they were choosing their outfits.

She also played two surprise songs, which are different for each show. These surprise songs bring another level of excitement and anticipation for the fans. 

The two surprise songs at the show I attended were “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” and “evermore.” I really enjoyed being able to hear a song from one of her first albums and a song from one of her more recent albums. Even though I was aware of the set list before the show, having these two surprise songs gave me a level of anticipation and surprise that I would not otherwise have had.

The difference between the Eras Tour and her other tours is the fan experience. The Eras Tour represents Swift’s entire career, making this tour a very cultural event for the fans. They dressed up in costumes to represent her songs and made friendship bracelets to trade with one another. 

These friendship bracelets became a big part of Swift’s fandom when she released the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” which was a part of the album “Midnights.” She says during the song, “So make the friendship bracelets.” This song’s meaning is to live your life and do the small things that you will enjoy doing. This sparked fans’ interest by having something to share with other fans and remember the experience they all shared. One of my favorite parts of the whole show was trading my bracelets with younger fans and seeing their faces light up with joy. 

Every fan that I saw seemed emotionally overwhelmed during the show, and by the time Swift rose from the stage and began singing at the beginning of the concert, I was in tears. 

It is obvious that Swift prepared for these shows: her transitions between songs and different albums were flawless and she was able to sing and dance for over three hours straight. She also has very clean outfit transitions to really give the audience the full experience of each era she has lived. 

My favorite transition between albums is after her two suprise songs, when she does a dive into an open panel in the floor before her final album, “Midnights.” It was a very unexpected transition, and it brought such a unique vibe to the performance that none of the other transitions provided. 

After almost five years of Swift performing, the Eras Tour reassures fans that she is not done within the music industry. It is unknown if this is Swift’s last tour, but she has given fans no reason to believe that it is. Swift has always been recognized for her extraordinary stage presence, and this tour has added to the fact that her performances are unmatched. 

After 17 years of Taylor Swift dominating the music industry, she is taking us on a fascinating journey of her life through the Eras Tour.

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Amelia Talbott
Amelia Talbott is a junior at Bexley High School and is a reporter for the Torch newspaper. Outside of Torch she is on the girls soccer team.