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Distance, devotion and doubt: life at long distance

Out of the five recognized love languages, quality time is often regarded as one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Spending time with each other, whether it be going on walks or getting dinner, can help strengthen new relationships and keep old ones exciting. But what happens when a person’s significant other lives […]

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Should administration respond to complaints with censorship?

Pro Asher Nathan Staff Reporter A few months ago, several pictures of seniors wearing spandex and body paint to display school spirit at the football game against Washington Courthouse were removed from the website version of Bexleo, the high school’s yearbook publication. Despite these innocent attempts at being spirited fans, pictures featuring the senior girls […]

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To what extent is the media app BeReal real?

Pro Eden Bradley Con Chelsea Wasserstrom “It’s time to BeReal!” This phrase seems to have taken over people’s lives since the social media platform BeReal took the world by storm.  BeReal sends out a message at a different time every day, giving users two minutes to take and share a picture with their friends. This […]

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Should there only be one homecoming monarch?

Pro Emily Gunther Staff Reporter Con Eden Bradley Staff Reporter Electing a Homecoming court is a traditional part of the annual Homecoming activities held at many high schools across the country. It’s common for one Homecoming king and one Homecoming queen to be elected; however, in recent years the high school Student Council decided to […]

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Should students participate in senior tag activities?

Pro Molly O’Dell Staff Reporter To many younger students, high school is often depicted as an upperclassmen-ruled environment. They dream of becoming a senior and one day “ruling” the school. Although this notion tends to be exaggerated, some aspects of being a senior live up to anticipation. Senior activities are a huge part of having […]

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Should teachers offer extra credit opportunities?

Pro Wendy Wasserstrom Staff Reporter The high school environment can be very competitive, especially when it comes to receiving a grade in a class. High school students tend to define themselves based on their test scores, despite grades having nothing to do with more important matters such as their morals or integrity. Teachers should make […]

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Should television shows portray substance abuse?

Pro Molly O’dell Staff Reporter Modern television is constantly addressing controversial topics, one of the most prominently seen in today’s media being substance abuse.  Often, viewers are able to relate to media portrayals of what substance abuse does to families. Shows that portray substance abuse are essential to modern television because they mirror reality and […]


Should social media moderate their user’s content?

PRO Gracie Thrush  Staff Reporter Social media users have the ability to post whatever they want, whenever they want. To most, this may seem like an easy way to have their voice heard, but it becomes an issue when individuals use this ability to post dangerous content. The moderation of posts and content is necessary […]


Lack of Twitter reveals different news sources

When Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, I didn’t understand why he was so upset about having to leave the platform. However, after not using Twitter for a week, I have begun to understand why he was so angry. Before I took on this challenge of not using Twitter, I always woke up and checked […]